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Lenovo Keycap trackpoint f Thinkpad

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Keycap trackpoint f Thinkpad

 Lenovo Keycap trackpoint f Thinkpad

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ThinkPad notebooks and select keyboards offer a distinctive design element, our red button pointing device, the TrackPoint. We offer the TrackPoint Cap Collection which is just the right touch for your ThinkPad notebook or TrackPoint-enabled keyboard. Three TrackPoint cap choices allow you to further customize your ThinkPad or keyboard to fit the way you want to work.This collection includes two of each style of cap: Classic Dome, Soft Dome, and Soft Rim.

Features and Benefits:
· Allows you to replace worn caps on your ThinkPad and TrackPoint keyboards
· Three styles of TrackPoint caps for just the right touch
· Six caps per package; two each of Classic Dome, Soft Dome and Soft Rim
· All ThinkPad notebooks and TrackPoint-enabled keyboards can now use the three styles of TrackPoint caps.


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